Jane Warren Campbell

Nature Communicator


“Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them,
whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.”

Hermann Hesse

About Me

One summer day in 2012, sitting at the base of a tall hemlock tree, I was invited into conversation. The tree was communicating with me, asking me to be her scribe! That first moment of connection evolved into what I can only describe as a deep and loving friendship. Knowing that the tree wanted me to share her wisdom with the world led me to write my upcoming book, Conversations with a Tree. 

The experience of being asked to be a scribe for the tree was the awakening of latent Celtic memories structured within my DNA. This ancient wisdom is inviting me, and all of humanity, to rise out of the separation, and resulting disconnection from each other and ourselves, that we have been living. It is an invitation to step into the union of all life and re-member our deep inner knowing as humans.

Scientific research is dis-covering many health benefits of being among the trees. I am happy to deepen our awareness of the wisdom and grace that the trees have to offer. As one tree said about me, “…this sweet soul is like the Earth itself. She is one with the trees. Her sweet heart opens portals to love and anchors grace upon this Earth.” 

This is my greatest work. In love of the Earth, humanity, and the beautiful sentinels of the forest, I now offer the services listed below, to support your connection with the Divine through nature. This work leads us back to the very essence of our souls, restoring wellness of mind, body and spirit. Come join  me in this exciting journey of restoration through the Kingdom of the Divine that we call nature. 

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Earth Walks

When you join me on an Earth Walk you will be guided into a deep connection with the trees. I have been blessed to learn from others, who have participated in Earth Walks, that they can see my energy field merging with the trees as soon as I connect with them. This merger creates a field of potential for you to connect more fully as well.

Tree Messages

     Do you have a ‘special’ tree that you connect to? Would you like to know what that tree would say to you if it could?

Do you have a tree that is unhealthy that you would like to communicate with?

     Send me a photo of your tree, and the town or community where you live, and I will connect with your tree from afar and send you a written message from the tree specific to you or the needs of the tree.

     To give you an idea of the kind of messages I receive, here’s a message from my tree friend Henrietta – the tree that first ‘spoke’ to me, asking me to be her scribe:

Forest Retreats

Can you imagine reducing stress, connecting more deeply with yourself and your fellow humans, restoring overall wellness, improving your emotional state and healing the Earth, just by being in the forest? Start visualizing because it’s all possible. The more time we spend in nature, surrounded by trees, the more benefits we receive, and the longer those benefits last. There are many reasons to join me on my world-wide Forest Retreats.


Vancouver Island, British Columbia